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Rejuvenated Roots- wk.3

Yes, it is a week plus past 10/23/20, buuuut I still took the pic on week 3, so there! I know I already said how much I am loving this product, but the growth honestly speaks for itself. My hair has NEVER grown this fast and I make sure to take my vitamins errrday so.

This week I took a pic of the full line up of products I am currently using to start my #Growth #Journey.

Two of these three products can be found here in our store (click shop with us!). The Cashmere&Caviar collection hair serum is a great product to add #Moisture to kinky hair. And of course the #revitalizer!

Loving this product toooo much! #FroGoals #HairBlog #BlogIT #HausVelvIT #NaturalHair #Natural #Roots

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