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Rejuvenated Roots- Follicle Stimulant wk.1

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

This Product is handmade in small batches, made to order! Lots of Love and Tenderness goes into this Product! 

  • 100% Natural Blend of Essential Herbs & Oils

  • Helps stimulate hair growth 

  • Works great for problem areas such as thinning edges.

10/9/2020 Starts Week #1

I, ALLurrr'em(Owner), have had an issue with thinning edges/temple for a number of years now. With keeping my hair faded for the last year plus, I had forgotten about the issue. But now that I am attempting my #FroGoals and growing it back out, I NOTICED! This product has been on my mind to try for awhile and we finally got it on the shelf. So why not give it a whirl I thought.

These pics are from the first day of use.

I am applying it:

Two to Three times a week, based on washing. Adding it (with additional moisturizer and argan oil) to my regular post wash routine.

Using a half dropper worth each time.

***Will post a new pic each week with updates***

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